Cinnamon Heart Candy Martini Recipe

Valentine’s is already on Friday. How did that happen?

With our two young daughters, most Valentine’s Day celebrations are done at home. Usually with a fancy dinner, followed by a family movie, then the kids go to sleep and the adults get to hang out some more.

When I think back to last year, I’m pretty sure we ended up shooting zombies on the XBox after the kids went to sleep. Nothing says ‘I Love You’ like taking out an army of the undead. It was a lot of fun actually because it was something we don’t get to do much of anymore.

Cinnamon Heart Candy Martini for Valentine's Day

If you are hanging out at home, I’ve whipped up a fun Valentine’s martini for you. It just happens to taste like one of my favourite Valentine’s treats too — Cinnamon Heart Candies.

Cinnamon Heart Martini
A martini that tastes like the cinnamon heart candies on Valentine's Day. Yes please!
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  1. 1 oz Goldschläger
  2. 1 oz Cherry-flavoured Vodka
  3. Cinnamon Heart Candies to decorate
  1. In a martini shaker, shake Goldschläger and Cherry Vodka over ice.
  2. Pour into a martini glass. Garnish with candies and serve.
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