Slovak Easter Egg Cheese

Today I am taking you to Slovakia with a traditional egg dish that is made in many Slovak households during Easter. This is not a dish I was brought up on every year, but since I have been sharing recipes from around the world, I thought why not challenge myself to learn one from my [...]

I have been wanting to try this recipe since I made my coconut rum sugar cookies recipe last year. I waited patiently until this holiday so I could share them at an Easter dinner we are going to this weekend. Actually, it wasn’t so much so that I could share them. It was mostly because [...]

Today is ‘Carrot Cake Day’. For real. I’m not making this up. Since carrot cake is in the top three of my favorite desserts, I really can’t let this special day go by unnoticed. Growing up, I loved my mom’s carrot cake. I’m pretty sure the initial attraction was the cream cheese icing. Whoever invented [...]