The buzz in the forest: discover Alberta’s Boreal Forest

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When Nancy Perry moved back to the city after living in the Yukon, she found herself disoriented, out of balance. “It took me six months not to hear the buzzing of the powerlines,” she recalls.

“Once I figured that out, I could feel myself getting grounded again.”

Most of us can relate to Nancy’s experience. We hear the constant buzzing, we live in the constant noise of the city, and we often forget how to tune it out and escape.

That’s why Nancy and her husband Shawn founded Boreal Forest Guides in Cold Lake. The company offers water safety, backcountry and survival skills courses and guided adventures to help people get back into nature.

“We forget what’s right in our own backyard,” Nancy says. “That connection is something we really want people to find again.”

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Paddling into a rocky shore and making our way into the bush, we stop to sample spruce gum, identify plantain and sasparilla, and harvest some Labrador leaves.

After showing me how to prepare and light a fire by striking flint into kindling nestled in an upright log (a technique known as a Swedish torch), Shawn sets a pot on to boil and we make tea from the leaves. The taste is like drinking in the forest, pure, fresh and unspoiled.

“I think a lot of people are lost, they don’t know what they’re missing, it’s just that little bit of themselves,” Nancy says. “That busy lifestyle, go go go all the time, sometimes all you have to do is come out here.”

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