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Working online is both a blessing and a curse. I love that I get to engage and connect with people online. The problem with being online and running a business (and its social networks) are the time-sucking rabbit holes that are everywhere. A simple click in the wrong direction and productivity suffers. But what can [...]

Online security is usually one of those things we all take for granted until the day comes that our accounts have been hacked and used to spam our unsuspecting friends. It doesn’t stop there. Passwords are changed, and your friends contact information is taken in an effort to spread the mayhem. Other than signing in [...]

Last year I picked up a subscription to about five (okay, maybe six) magazines. I like to keep up with current trends and information about topics such as food, family, travel, beauty, and life style. Another feature I like to read are the ads. Since a lot of what I do is working with brands [...]

HP Slate 7

Released earlier this year, the Slate 7 from Hewlett Packard packs quite a punch at a great price point for anyone looking to give tech gifts this holiday season. We have been reviewing one for the past few weeks and this tablet has become a necessity in our household. When we first received the Slate [...]

The thought of this title put me in to a mini-panic about 2 weeks ago as I prepared for a whole week offline. Completely unplugged from all things ‘internet’. No email, Facebook, Twitter, no accessing the internet by any means whatsoever. I was elated and nervous at the same time. Many of you know that [...]

I’ve been thinking a lot about online behaviors and how we as parents, and as responsible adults can help to shape the future of communication online. Just today, I was chatting with some amazing moms online and there was mention of a child taking to the internet by messaging their friend to tell them that [...]

Lat year, I found out that my email, and therefore I, was considered a spammer. If you are sharing an IP address at all, you may be at risk too! And by sharing an IP address, I mean if you have the basic host plan package through any hosting provider. Just because you have your [...]

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