Health & Wellness

Always on My Mind

I think. Always. I think about my girls, husband, websites, direction, goals, dreams, and family. Then there is school, extra-curricular activities, grocery shopping, cleaning and working with our youngest on her language skills. It doesn’t look like it from where you are reading, but behind the scenes, this website and another that I own and [...]

Is Blogging Hazardous to Your Health?

This new invention we all call ‘the internet’ has literally changed the way we live, work, and play. Since it’s inception, hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs have taken their businesses online, or created new ones. Some of these businesses can be set up so that they ‘run themselves’, but the majority of the successful websites [...]

Hazelaid Review

Shortly after having Baby Bird, I started to get red, patchy skin on my hands and face. I immediately recognized it as eczema because I had it when I was younger. Baby Bird has had her eczema pretty much since birth and it seems to get worse when it’s hot out or if she is [...]

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