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A new, in-restaurant kiosk ordering experience is being rolled out at McDonald’s restaurants across Edmonton.

When you dine in at any McDonald’s restaurant, you now have the option of ordering through a self-serve kiosk, or placing your order at the till with a McDonald’s employee. Guest experience leaders are on hand to serve you from start to finish.

Mcdonalds kiosk

Self-order kiosks are great for anyone who needs to take their time such as parents with kids who can’t be rushed into a decision (especially by a stranger at a till). They are also a great option during busy times in the restaurant.

When you order, one of the menu choices is to create your own taste. #CreateYourTasteCA let’s you build your Angus burger the way you want it and includes 30 different topping options.

To begin, you choose between two types of buns, or a lettuce wrap. Having the option of a lettuce wrap is a great idea, and I found out that the buns are made at a bakery in Calgary. Actually, I learned that wherever possible, McDonald’s chooses Canadian suppliers for their Canadian stores. 100% of their beef is from Canada with 85% being from right here in Alberta (15% is from Saskatchewan).

“We invest in Canada’s agricultural sector by sourcing quality food products domestically, including the annual purchase of more than $760 million in food and materials from more than 100 suppliers in Canada.” – taken from

After you’ve chosen your bun (or lettuce wrap), you can then choose between five different cheese options, nine sauce options, 10 toppings and some extras to make it uniquely yours. To check out all of the different options, visit and scroll down the page.

McDonald's Create Your Taste Burger

I chose the Artisan roll (which is SO GOOD), natural cheddar, chipotle aioli, grilled mushrooms, and long sliced pickles. I don’t think I can go back to my regular choice anymore.

You have the choice to pay at the kiosk or the counter, and as part of your dine-in experience, you take your seat and your food will be brought out to you. Your server can find you because of a tracker that you take with you to the table.

McDonalds Create Your Taste Burger2

Create Your Burger was first implemented at McDonald’s locations in Australia and is now rolling out here. This initiative from McDonald’s will be creating an additional 1900 jobs across Alberta (which is about 10 – 15 new positions at each location).

While at McDonald’s, make sure you don’t miss their McCafé Bakery that includes a selection of authentic French croissants, Mini Chocolatines that offer chocolate in every bite, and Cream Cheese Danishes made with real fruit – baked fresh daily. My personal favourites are the blueberry cream cheese danish, and the maple mini pastry which tastes like a buttered pancake with maple syrup.

Have you created your taste yet? Grab a photo and tag it with #CreateYourTasteCA on Instagram (@McDonaldsCanada) or Twitter (@McD_Canada).

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