Book: Clay and Katie

Since turning 1 a little over a month ago, Baby Bird has been fascinated by books. We’ve been reading to her since she was born, but just recently she started taking an interest in them; turning the pages and looking at the illustrations. I was so excited to receive 8 books and a doll to [...]

Book: Baby Smarts

“How do I play with my 4 month old” I still remember googling that phrase 7 months ago. Baby Bird was just starting to look around and notice things on her own and being a first time mom I wasn’t sure if it was time to pull out the Monopoly game or not. Just kidding [...]

Tesla Anyone?

Frank and I went to Red’s last night to see Tesla (The 5 Man Acoustical Band) in concert. I have to be very honest here — I didn’t recognize any songs…not 1. I thought for sure I would recognize something. Anyway, Frank had a wonderful time and I have to admit, some of their songs [...]

During the day on Saturday, we found another park in downtown Edmonton and we went for a nice long hike. There was also a skating pond for the winter and cross country ski trails. We are definitely going skating there this year. Saturday marks the day that I finally got my license plate on and [...]

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