Activities for Kids: Alberta Health’s Healthy U 5&1 Experiment

Children ages 6-12 years old require at least five servings of vegetables and fruit and a minimum of one hour of physical activity per day.

Now, you could just tell them to do it “because I said so”, but where is the fun in that? By tailoring life lessons and adding a fun spin, children are more likely to retain important information for longer periods of time. Not only that, making it fun is what will bring them back for more.

Alberta Health has just launched their Healthy U 5&1 Experiment for children ages 6 – 12 and it is packed with 42 fun and engaging experiments to teach children about food and activities that they can do on their own, with friends, or even with you.


The Healthy U 5&1 Experiment focuses on grassroots engagement and building a community. Kids today live in an online world in which apps, gaming and badges are a part of their everyday lives. That’s why the Healthy U 5&1 Experiment lives online and as iPhone and Android apps, but gets kids active and away from the digital world. While completing the experiments over 21 days online or via the app, kids can track their progress, challenge friends and family to join, and earn awards for their participation.

To get started, with the help of a parent or guardian, kids can create an account and monitor their progress through their dashboard by going to As achievements are earned, they are displayed in the dashboard and a meter showing the progress to date is also viewable.

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There is a great section for parents to read up on the program and information on items to buy for each experiment. Alberta Health teamed up with Sobey’s and they even have coupons to share depending on what item you need for that week.

I’ve created an account and checked out some of the activities and I know there are a lot of experiments that I can do with my daughter who is just turning 5 which is fantastic because she is like a sponge when it comes to learning and now I have a resource to turn to this summer.

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Disclosure: I am working with Alberta Health to inform you about this new initiative and have been compensated. Any personal stories or opinions in this post are my own.

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