Go-to Meal Ideas: Wrap it Up with Dempster’s Wraps

Have you ever hit supper time and realized that you haven’t planned anything for dinner? As if the heavens were going to open up and miraculously, a meal was just going to drop on your counter and feed your family?

Well, it happens to me occasionally.

Okay, a lot.

As we all know, life rarely goes the way we plan it and why should meals be any different.

For instances like these, we keep a stash of easy, healthy meal items on hand that we can mix and match to make up for mommy’s lack of time management skills. Ahem.

Last week, you may remember I shared a very delicious homemade chicken noodle soup recipe. Well, I had some chicken left over, and one day later, as I faced the ‘Mom, I’m hungry, what’s for lunch?’, I reached for one of my favorite quick meal options. Dempster’s wraps.


My reason for including wraps in my go-to foods are:

  • You can create so many different wrap combinations just by changing the meat, cheese, vegetable, ‘sauce’, or even the type of wrap
  • You can use almost anything as a ‘sauce’ base such as mayonnaise, salsa, hummus, sour cream, cream cheese, tzatziki sauce, Greek yoghurt, pesto, some jams, and many salad dressings
  • It is easy for kids to help make their dinner. Just lay out a wrap and let the kids pick what they want on it. Help them wrap it and they are ready to eat. My husband also wraps tinfoil around our girls wraps as though they bought it from a cart and they love the ‘eat ‘n peel’ meal.

So, on this fateful day when I was asked ‘the question’, I raided the fridge and came up with – – not much. Grocery shopping day was one day away. But I did have wraps, and left over chicken, and a garden full of tomatoes that are ripe.


Since I didn’t have cheese, I decided to use cream cheese as my base sauce, then I added the chicken and tomatoes, wrapped it and I was done in less than five minutes. I did a half-fold because it is easier for my two little ones to eat without all of the good stuff falling out the bottom and I looked like a mealtime pro (at least I thought I did).

For a little more inspiration, you can check out the delicious recipes on the Dempster’s website. I’m excited to try out the Smoked Turkey and Swiss Cheese Pinwheels next.

Do you have a favorite wrap recipe? Because I am always looking for new ideas.

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  • Avatar Soozle Sep 10, 2013, 7:44 am

    You really can’t go wrong with a wrap – so versatile, easy & filling!

    • Avatar Sheri Sep 12, 2013, 12:37 pm

      And easy to freeze what you don’t use. I’m all about stretching food as long as I can.