Wallpops Review

The time has come for Baby Bird to go from crib to ‘big-girl’ bed and in the process, I wanted to add some character to her room to mark the occasion and to celebrate her milestone.

I didn’t want to paint though. Too time consuming, plus it will probably be changed up in a couple of years when she decides that my colour choices are ‘not cool’. I didn’t want to wallpaper either. Mostly for the same reason as painting, but also because I’m pretty sure that doing an entire room in wallpaper would bring on some hidden rage issues I probably have.

I’ve recently found out about wall art and I have to say that it has taken the place as my favorite product of 2010. The thought that I can redesign my daughters room on a budget and with little effort greatly appeals to me.

WallPops is one company who specializes in peel and stick wall art. They have designs for kids and adults and at reasonable prices.

I recently reviewed the Flower Power kit which retails for $31.99. Included is everything is 116 pieces. Enough to create your own little garden of flowers and bugs. The kit comes very separated as pictured here so you can pretty much create what you want. You can make your own heights and place everything exactly where you want it.

I set out to change the theme of my daughters room from, well, pretty much no theme to a garden oasis. The whole design took me about an hour and a half to set up, but I’m pretty sure some of that extra time is because I can be a perfectionist where design is concerned. The WallPops go on easily, and they come off without problems if you need to reposition them. I adjusted one of my flowers eight times and it still sticks like the ones I just placed on my wall for the first time.

I have two tips when putting up your wall art though. Try to have someone keep any children occupied while you are working and if you need to peel the stickers off, do so slowly and it won’t tear. My daughter came to see what I was doing in her room about half way through, she eventually went back downstairs to play with her dad, but not until one of my little bugs was bugnapped.

She loved her new design. The first night she insisted on saying good night to each bug. Now it is usually just the butterfly because I placed it so it flies above her bed.

I spread out the WallPops so that they would take up an entire area and they covered two walls in her room. I’m including her before and after photos here so you can see the change.




I pretty much followed the design on the package. The best thing about these is that if I decide to get more creative and change the design around, I can easily remove them or even move them to a new room. This is great because if your child is attached to their design and you are moving, you can take it with you.

You can enter in your postal/zip code to find locations in your area where WallPops are sold on their online store locator.

If you want to make a change, check out the different designs they have on their website. You can also follow WallPops on Twitter or like their facebook page to stay up to date.

* I received the Flower kit for free to complete my review. The opinions expressed in this post are mine only and are in no way influenced by any outside factors.

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