unBOX Possibilities with UNICEF CANADA Survival Gifts

Recently, my family had the amazing opportunity to see, first hand, some of the items that are sent to areas around the world in need of assistance and support. These are the items that are shipped by you, when you purchase a survival gift on the UNICEF Canada website.


*photo credits: © UNICEF/SLRA2013-0821/Asselin

Take two minutes to watch the video featuring my daughters an I trying out some of the items.

These gifts are only the tip of the iceberg. Visit the UNICEF Canada Survival Gifts page to see everything that is available to help a child, family, or a community flourish. You can also see for yourself the impact that these survival gifts have around the world at www.youtube.com/unicefcanada.

One of the items we received that didn’t make it into the video were Water Purification Tablets. This item is definitely worth mentioning (the video portion just didn’t work out). These were tablets that you add to 4-5 litres of water, let sit for 30 minutes, then it provides clean water for drinking, cleaning, and cooking. A $19 gift of these tablets provides 2,857 families in need with clean water, something we just have to turn on the tap for.

When you are making your Christmas gift list, please consider adding the gift of survival to it if you are able to.

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