Thought Spots Review and Special Offer

When I was a child and my father had to go away on business (he was in the Air Force), my sister, mom and I used to write up personal notes and slip them in to his luggage so he knew that we were thinking about him from miles away. This was the memory that came to mind when I first heard about Thought Spots, a Canadian company that specializes in ways to show you care.

Thought Spots was created by Lynn when she was trying to figure out how to stay on track and stay focused on what matters most to her. We all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day life and it is important to step back every now and then and to take stock to make sure that you are still living and working towards your top priorities. Thought Spots provides that quick, on the go, reminder that we all need sometimes.

Thought Spots are peel and post stickers that adhere to clean, shiny surfaces using static cling. They are easily removable and can be used again and again, or moved to other surfaces. There are a variety of themes to choose from, all with wonderful thoughts and phrases. There are messages for parents, first time moms and couples. The messages remind, motivate, encourage. They are there to make you smile, to realize your importance, or to remind others of your importance. One of my favorite Thought Spots comes from the Relationship pack and says “You’re so lucky to have me!” The Spots in the Thought Packs measure about 3″ on their own and are very colourful.

They also sell Big Thoughts which measure to 5″ on their own and are meant to stand out. My favorite one right now is the “You Did It!” sticker. Baby Bird is potty training and having a big sticker like this that we can put up in her bathroom is great. The first time we displayed it after a successful potty attempt she beamed with joy and she started cheering. This is a great way for us to remind her how proud we are of her and she loves looking at them.

I have a tip when using Thought Spots for kids though, and that is to get down to their height level when sticking them on mirrors or windows. This way they are sure to be noticed by both you and them. We have one sticker in our room on our mirror. Baby Bird loves to check her outfits out in the mirrors and that is also the mirror we use when we play dress up so it is a nice little note for her. Another sticker on her bathroom mirror reminds her to brush her teeth. It is pointed out during her morning routines and we compare her toothbrush to the one on the sticker.

These stickers also give recognition to goals achieved. Perfect for kids and teenagers in school or out. Did your child ace their History test that they were worried about? Did they make a team they wanted to join? Have they gotten quiet and withdrawn lately and you are looking for a small gesture to get some open dialogue started? No matter what you want to say, there’s a sticker for it. Sometimes leaving a note to tell your child that you are there for them when they want to talk is all they need.

Lynn has created The Joy Project, to share joy with other women, to brighten their day or inspire them to be their best and quite frankly, the world can always use more joy, can’t it? Here’s how it works. Every time someone orders Thought Spots, Lynn will give them 3 free Big Thoughts. Your job is to share them with other women who could use a kind or motivating thought to bring joy to their day.

Lynn is also seeking out community groups and organizations who would benefit from a JOY Project donation – kids and women alike. So if you know about a group of women or kids who could really benefit from a JOY Project donation, you can email the information to Lynn at

Each Thought Spots pack contains 12 stickers and they are on sale right now for $11.95 (regular $14.00) and the Big Thoughts are one per package and are also on sale $4.95 (regular $6.00). Make sure you stop by and check out their online store for all of the wonderful stickers they have.

Special Offer: Lynn is graciously giving Every This Bird’s Day reader a FREE “YOU ARE MY” THOUGHT PACK with every on-line order. To redeem your free pack, simply enter coupon code: shareathought while checking out. Offer valid until December 15, 2010.

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  • Staci A Sep 28, 2010, 10:24 am

    These are such a wonderful idea! I bet my son would love to see them around our house!

  • Heather Sep 27, 2010, 9:00 pm

    How cool! My dad was in the airforce too :) But I can really see how these would be a great motivator for kids….my kiddo loves stickers and so these would go over pretty well!

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