The Twits: Quinn Conroy – Book Review

Celebrities world-wide have flocked to Twitter to speak their minds (in 140 characters or less) on a variety of subjects. Before the internet, celebrities were somewhat untouchable. We read about their lives in short stories and photographs that capture split-seconds in time. Now, you can reach out and start a short conversation by typing the @ symbol.

The Twits: Real Celebrities. Real Tweets. Real Funny. is a new book by Quinn Conroy and it sums up a lot of the fun, crazy, awesome, awkward and unique tweets that a wide range of celebrities have posted.

Being a big fan of Twitter and how it works, I jumped at the chance to review this book. The book itself is an easy read and is perfect as a bedtime book for me. I am often exhausted at the end of my day, but I still like to read something short before I close my eyes and since this book is broken into Tweets, you can pretty much stop and pick up wherever you want and you are not lost.

There are some great celebrity Twitter-ers out there, and there are others that I had no idea even had accounts, and then there are those that really shouldn’t have accounts.

This book is broken up in to small sections and covers anything from the utterly bizarre to conversations celebrities have with each other. And my review, summed up in 140 characters or less:

If you are a fan of Twitter, or just enjoy reading anything about the rich and famous, this is a great book to pick up. You can buy it online on for $11.09, or on for $8.82.

Disclosure: I received this book for free to complete my feature. The opinions expressed in this post are mine only and are in no way influenced by any outside factors.

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