The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away – Dr. Rashid A Buttar

Dr. Rashid Buttar, a physician and expert in toxicities has put all of his knowledge into his newest book titled The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away: Simple Actions to Shift Your Body and Mind to Optimum Health for Greater Longevity. Dr. Buttar’s own son has been affected with toxicity and was diagnosed with and autism spectrum disorder.

In his book, Dr. Buttar goes through three foundations and nine steps towards ridding yourself of deadly toxins and leading a healthier life.

I found this book to be very detailed. I skipped over some pages as they went in to too much explanation in some areas. However I liked that the detail was there as I prefer too much information rather than not enough and I can go back and read the information over again if I want to learn more. I also really like the Fast Wraps at the end of each step that wrap up what was reviewed in each chapter. Some times I didn’t finish a whole chapter in one sitting so it was nice to review how everything tied in.

My favorite chapter in the book is about water and I learned a lot that I didn’t know before. Dr. Buttar has a great way of putting everything into perspective and explaining his point.

I took some great points away from this book and I have a deeper understanding of toxins and how they enter and stay in our bodies if we don’t do something about them.

Dr. Buttar also has a website where you can access additional information that book owners have access to.

You can purchase this book from for $17.52. It is also available at for $16.29.

*I received a copy of this book for free to complete my review. The opinions expressed on my website are my own and are in no way affected by outside factors.

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