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My dad always says that ‘if you don’t look after your money, someone else will’.

I’m sure when I first heard those words in my teens, my eyes rolled.

Now, as my husband and I get older, we need to face certain realities.

“Women influence $1.3 trillion – or 55 per cent – of Canadian investable assets, either as solo decision makers or shared with a partner or spouse. They make up nearly half of the labour force, with more than one third of married Canadian women out-earning their husbands. And with Boomer widows outliving their spouses by an average of 16 years, 90 per cent of Canadian women will be left with sole responsibility for their finances at some point in their lives.” Vanessa Serra Iarocci, Program Director, Women Investor Strategy, TD Wealth.

Staggering numbers right? Here’s more. “Even though 90 per cent of women will be left with sole responsibility for their finances at some point in their lives, they are 20 per cent less likely than men to have a financial advisor, half as likely to have a self-directed investment account, and only 3 in 10 have a financial plan.”

Where do you fall in this?

I admit I am not as involved with our finances as I should be. I get lost easily, and I find it dry, but I shouldn’t. At times, I stress about our finances, all while I actually have no clue as to where we stand. I tell myself that my husband isn’t suggesting we sell our home, so we are okay, but I should know exactly where we stand right now, and for our retirement and beyond.

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To this end, TD launched “Your Story, Your Future” tailored workshops across the country to help empower women to feel comfortable, confident and open to investing and financial planning. The general perception is that investing takes a lot of time, and requires a lot of knowledge but in reality, it’s about having a conversation about goals with an advisor, asking questions, and working on a plan together. Once the initial meeting is done, the maintenance is minimal and you are on your way to your financial goals.

If you re unfamiliar where you stand, or just want to learn more about your investment options, attending a relaxed workshop is a great way to get some questions answered.

“TD’s Women Investor Strategy are designed to provide a holistic relationship that empowers women investors through education, while offering proactive outreach and an array of options to meet their needs, all in a friendly, comfortable and pressure-free environment. Its “Your Story, Your Future”™ client workshops and materials help women feel confident about setting and achieving their financial goals, address typical learning gaps identified by women investors and help them prepare for and deal with transitions in the family lifecycle. There are also workshops tailored to the preferences and needs of female business owners and professionals.” Vanessa Serra Iarocci, Program Director, Women Investor Strategy, TD Wealth.

You can even grab some girlfriends and make a night of it. To find out more information on these tailored workshops, you can contact Vanessa directly at You owe it to yourself, and your girlfriends to educate yourselves.

Remember, be the one to look out for your finances, don’t give someone else the opportunity to do it for you.

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