Tanda mē elōs Professional Hair Removal System: Post 3

This is my last post in a three-part series I am doing for the Tanda mē elōs Professional Hair Removal System. Until I began reviewing the Tanda, I had all but given up hope that I would ever be free of a razor. I thought I would either have to spend a fortune, or go through a lot of pain (I’m a wimp!).

It has only been just over a month and I am already taking for granted that I don’t shave my legs anymore. Oh, how quickly I’ve forgotten what it felt like to have to take ‘shaving time’ in to consideration when taking showers. I’m spoiled.

I want to address a couple of things and questions I’ve received about the Tanda.

In my last post, I mentioned that it was a little harder to work on my underarms. The wonderful people at Tanda said that I could try a stamping technique because it can be difficult to glide the device in that area. I used this technique and it worked great. Keep in mind that if you are using this method, that you still need to pay attention and move the device to another section so that you don’t retreat the same area too quickly.

After reading my review, Tanda sent me the epilator cartridge to try out as well. I was nervous at first, but I gave it a go. It worked well at removing the hair as it treated, but I ended up going back to the shaver part of the way through because, as everyone now knows, I bail at even the smallest amount of discomfort.

I was asked a question by a reader about the neck and chin area. This part of the system that I am reviewing here does not work on the neck and chin area because those are considered to be part of the face. Tanda will be selling a facial hair removal attachment that I originally thought was available, but now it looks like it will be available soon and I am eager to get my hands on it.

My series of posts cover the first four treatments which are to be completed every two weeks. It can actually take up to 6 treatments to get the desired results you are looking for because we are all different. Some will see results after only 4 treatments, but it may take 6 treatments for others, especially people with fairer hair.

I have also been asked if I would recommend this as a hair removal system now that my feature is done. I can’t tell you enough how happy I am that I got the chance to use this system. For me, the Tanda is doing exactly what it says it is doing. I will probably do the last two treatments to make sure, but I am thrilled with the effectiveness of this product to remove unwanted hair and keep it from coming back.

Make sure you visit the Tanda website for more information. You can also Like Tanda on Facebook, or Follow Tanda on Twitter. Also, remember that as of this post, the Tanda Hair Removal System is only available in Canada.

Taken from my original post, “the Tanda mē Hair Removal System on the Tanda Website for $395.00 plus shipping. You can also pick it up at various The Bay Stores across Canada (call ahead to confirm availability) and on the Shopping Channel. Whether you buy online or in stores, Tanda products also come with a 30-day money back guarantee – so if you are not satisfied, you have 30 days to return it for a refund. You can also buy replacement elōs cartridges for about $60.00.”

I hope you found my three posts useful in deciding to purchase the Tanda Hair Removal System. If you did buy it, I would love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Disclosure: I received the Tanda mē elōs Professional Hair Removal System, the shaver/trimmer cartridge and the epilator cartridge for free to complete my feature. The following post is a reflection of my own personal experiences and do not represent those of the named brand. Individual results using the Tanda will vary.

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