Tanda mē elōs Professional Hair Removal System: Post 2

Last month, I wrote about a new system I was using to remove hair permanently and painlessly. I have been using the Tanda mē elōs Professional Hair Removal System for about a month and have completed 3 treatments so far.

I can tell you that it is very painless. The system is very easy to use, and other than being a little warm, there is no sensation while doing the treatment. I used the Tanda both with the shaver attachment and alone. The shaver attachment worked fine, but for me, I prefer to shave my legs before the treatment and then use the hair removal system alone. My only reason is because I just want to concentrate on one thing. I found I moved too quickly when I used the shaver attachment. And yes, I also have difficulty with walking and chewing gum.

I have one treatment left before I am done my review and so far, I am happy with the results. I still have a little bit of hair coming in, but it is much thinner and in some most areas, it has disappeared. When has grown back is growing so slowly. Right now when I look at my legs, it has been a week and a half since I shaved and completed my last treatment and it looks like maybe three days growth in a few areas only and my legs feel so smooth.

My underarms are a little harder to get going though. I don’t know if it is just the location, but I find it difficult to get the Tanda to work on my underarms. That being said, the hair is still growing back much slower and thinner than before.

So far, I am impressed and looking forward to my last treatment. I will be continuing on with the Tanda after my three-part feature is over and plan on purchasing the hair removal attachment for my face to get rid of some unwanted hairs.

This is the perfect time to get started with the Tanda mē elōs Professional Hair Removal System. Spring is right around the corner and the price is affordable. Especially if you are already waxing or sugaring on a regular basis. Those costs can really add up over awhile and even then, the hair comes back. Not to mention, in my opinion, it is painful.

You can also check out my first Tanda post to get some more information before making the decision to purchase.

To find out more information on this and other Tanda products, you can visit the Tanda website, Like Tanda on Facebook, or Follow Tanda on Twitter. Also, remember that as of this post, the Tanda Hair Removal System is only available in Canada. I will be back at the beginning of next month with my last part of this feature.

Disclosure: I received the Tanda mē elōs Professional Hair Removal System and the shaver/trimmer cartridge for free to complete my feature. The following post is a reflection of my own personal experiences and do not represent those of the named brand. Individual results using the Tanda will vary.

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