When I announced we'd be taking our two young preschool-age daughters camping this summer, there were plenty of dropped jaws. "Really, in a tent?" many friends, family members and strangers would ask as though my husband and myself had plead temporary insanity. With Molly now four and Zoe, 2, we figured there's no better time [...]

The thought of this title put me in to a mini-panic about 2 weeks ago as I prepared for a whole week offline. Completely unplugged from all things 'internet'. No email, Facebook, Twitter, no accessing the internet by any means whatsoever. I was elated and nervous at the same time. Many of you know that [...]

With summer in full swing, families across the country are planning their vacations. Time away from the office and house work and more time to spend together as a family. During the summer months, road trips are an ideal option for family getaways. They are cheaper than flying and can open up a lot of [...]

Lat year, I found out that my email, and therefore I, was considered a spammer. If you are sharing an IP address at all, you may be at risk too! And by sharing an IP address, I mean if you have the basic host plan package through any hosting provider. Just because you have your [...]

Summer Bedtime Tips

I saw the cover of a magazine the other week and had a little laugh to myself. One of the articles on the front cover was "10 Tips to Being a Happy Mom". Ten? Really? I argue that there is only one big secret to being a happy mom. Sleep. At least for me, no [...]

Lynn Spence who is a regular style expert on Citytv's CityLine, Around the House and Fashion Friday offers us some great tips for holiday decorating and you'll want to listen up because they are good -- I've been doing number 3 for about 6 years now! Scotch has been working with Lynn to bring you [...]

Since I have been married, every holiday that calls for a turkey dinner puts me into a mini panic. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you. I have been following my moms step by step instructions that she emailed me on October 4, 2005 titled "how to do the turkey". Each year it is [...]

For the past two years, we have been plagued by wasps (as I am sure everyone has). They start to come out around this time of year scouting for good areas to set up house. Last year, it started off worse than ever before because they came out in May. We tried a trap idea [...]

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