Winter packs a punch in Canada. The cold temperatures, shorter daylight hours and wind drive up energy consumption and, with that, our winter energy bills can skyrocket. These simple tips can help keep your house warm and your monthly bills in check. If you take good care of your home comfort equipment, it will take [...]

As much as our family enjoys road trips, there are certain times of the year when we would rather not get in the car and drive 14 hours to visit family. One such occasion that comes to mind is anytime during the winter months. Roads aren't as easy to travel and everything is white (there [...]

Camping tips from a novice

Camping was so easy when you were a kid. You just needed to show up. You never knew how much effort your parents put in, while you were out exploring the campground with the little boy from the next lot with the Spiderman shirt. But right now, I am the mom and I can’t let [...]

Now that the first few months of parenthood are over and my daughter and I are adjusting to a daily routine, I’ve had the opportunity to notice how much time I spend in front of a screen everyday. I decided to come up with a few sure fire strategies to help me decrease the electronics [...]

Makeup Basics

If you are just starting to get into makeup or getting back into wearing makeup, the whole process can be a little daunting. First there are so many different products out there and simply visiting the cosmetics section of your local store can be daunting. It doesn't have to be though. I recently attended the [...]

This weekend marks the halfway point in our summer holidays. On one hand, it feels like the time is flying by and I am running out of summer-memory-making days. On the other, I wake up some mornings wondering what new things I can come up with to satisfy these energetic and curious minds I have [...]

Being part of a wedding party can come with an unexpected price tag. Outside of the dress and gift, there are numerous extras that come out of nowhere and can hurt your bottom line, financially speaking. A recent TD survey found that almost 40 per cent of Millennial and Gen X Canadians who have been [...]

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