For Christmas-lovers, our season is winding down. In our home, it was a wonderful flurry of food, family, friends, presents, and a lot of good cheer. I had the opportunity to ‘shut it down’ for a few days and really focus on our time together. Our girls favourite gifts included Minecraft toys and an XBox [...]

Earlier this month, our youngest came down with a fever that knocked her out for about a week. She went from fever to tiredness to sneezing and sniffles, and she took it hard. At three years old, she couldn’t understand why she could only play for a few minutes, then she needed to nap because [...]

Carving pumpkins, making chocolate roasted pumpkin seeds, decorating the house and dressing up; Halloween is such a fun time for us. It’s my husband’s favourite holiday so we go all out. One ‘must’ for this time of year is movies. From classics to kids shows, we all love our shows that pop up on Netflix [...]

Kids have been in school now for a month and I am amazed at how much they learn and grow each day. Our daughter has been learning how to learn in her first grade class and is enjoying everything so far, despite the fact that they ‘don’t play as much as they did in kindergarten’. [...]

Happy 147th birthday Canada! This year we are spending some quality time with family. We have an idea of what we are doing, but the weather will dictate whether or not we make it out to our destination today. We have some fun in the sun with our kids, and their cousins planned, but the [...]