My daughter was home for spring break this past week and we made a list of things we wanted to do. Two of the items were ‘bake something’ and ‘do an experiment’. My girls wanted to decorate a cookie, but I didn’t want to make my basic sugar cookies as I just made some the [...]

Cheesy Beef Orzo Recipe

I’ve been really bad at meal planning lately. Last Friday at 3:00, I realized that I had no clue what we were going to do for dinner. Since our fridge was fairly bare, I didn’t have much to work with, but, it turns out, I had what mattered. After raiding the pantry, I threw this [...]

This is a great spice cookie that we usually enjoy during the winter holidays (autumn to Christmas). I found some nice looking persimmons while grocery shopping last week and since they are not grown in North America and rarely imported here during the warmer months, I thought I’d grab some and make these cookies one [...]

Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms

My first attempt at making stuffed mushrooms worked out so well, that I’m craving them again today. Since I don’t have all of the ingredients available, maybe just posting my recipe will satisfy my cravings. The filling for the mushrooms also makes a good dip either hot or cold.

Forget takeout and delivery. Pizza made with dough from scratch just can’t be beat. Top that off with it’s absolute ease to make and you’ll never pick up the phone to order again. Our ‘pizza nights’ usually coincide with our family nights. Everyone picks their toppings and I get to work making this dough.

Chicken Orzo Bake

Since I am on juice for the next 13 days, I thought it would be a challenge to bake something, mostly from scratch using a sauce that had no added salt or sugar. I juiced two tomatoes to create a base for my sauce and got to work pulling this out of thin air. I [...]

Tomato Juice Recipe

Now that I am getting good at making juice, I’ve started to try out my own concoctions once a day. Today it was my own version of a V8 without any added sugars or salt. Now I’m not sure if my taste buds have just gotten used the taste of vegetables, but I really liked [...]

Cheesy Kale Dip

This recipe was a big hit at a recent event I attended with London Drugs. Chef Hans Pinto gave me permission to post it here for anyone at the event and for all of you who might like to try something a little different when entertaining. We are having a get together at our place [...]

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