The President’s Choice Summer Insider’s Report is out and it includes some tasty items to make your meals enjoyable. With everything from marinades to ice cream toppings to laundry soap, everyone will find something from their new line up that will become a favorite. We sure did in our home. Little Bird quickly took to [...]

I get to post today about some of my favorite things; chocolate and Free Product Coupons. I am a Life Made Delicious Connector and I get to share a few new things with you in this post. Life Made Delicious will be launching Chocolate Cheerios, a new Cheerios line here in Canada on June 3 and [...]

Our daughter is 33 months old now and she really enjoys helping out in the kitchen. Whether it is cooking, baking or just making lunches, she is always pushing over a chair and getting right in there with us. We are always looking for new things to make meals and treats fun. I was recently [...]

With the arrival of our new daughter in about five weeks, we have been busy at work decorating her new room. In addition to her living space, we have been upgrading Little Bird’s room to reflect the fact that she is becoming a ‘big girl’ now. Her old furniture, clothes, some books and toys have [...]

HarperCollins Canada released Gail’s newest book, Never Too Late in December 2010 and it was one both Papa Bird and I really wanted to get our hands on. We first learned about Gail Vaz Oxlade when she hosted her show titled ‘Till Debt Do Us Part’, a show for couples and families struggling to pay [...]

Our daughter was born with moderate eczema. She doesn’t have it all of the time, and when she gets it, it ranges from very slight to quite a lot. Her eczema is due to dry skin and usually it clears up after putting some vaseline or eczema lotion on her skin overnight. Lately she hasn’t [...]

When I think about past Christmas holidays at my parents, I have favorite decorations from when I was a little kid. Decorations that, each year when I see them, I can feel the nostalgia fill the room with wonderful Christmas memories. Now that I have a family of my own, I love decorating for the holidays [...]