Beauty Review

KORRES Fig Collection

I am a huge fan of the KORRES makeup and skincare line. Among their items that I use regularly are their Body Butter and Shower Gel products. KORRES just added a new scent to their line and it is perfect for fall. Their fig scent is sophisticated and sweet and it isn’t overpowering. The shower [...]

I love trying out new perfume scents. I have my favorite scents for each season and this summer’s scent belonged to Twirl by Kate Spade. Released in September 2010, this perfume packs a punch with numerous notes that compliment each other for a fun yet sophisticated scent that can be worn out with friends or [...]

One of my favorite mini-escapes as a mom is doing my nails. It is a small luxury that leaves me feeling relaxed, revived and a little more ‘yummy’ than ‘mummy’. Plus, when I am done, I have nice looking nails that I can enjoy. OPI has a whole line of nail products including lacquers, treatments, [...]