From May 13 to May 26th, Old Navy has their Baby & Toddler Summer Collection 30% off. Both in-store and online through Canada and the US, the Let’s Play Summer Sale is featuring this season’s cutest styles at great discounts. Not only can you get 30% off on their newest styles, there is also a [...]

With the arrival of our new daughter in about five weeks, we have been busy at work decorating her new room. In addition to her living space, we have been upgrading Little Bird’s room to reflect the fact that she is becoming a ‘big girl’ now. Her old furniture, clothes, some books and toys have [...]

Our daughter was born with moderate eczema. She doesn’t have it all of the time, and when she gets it, it ranges from very slight to quite a lot. Her eczema is due to dry skin and usually it clears up after putting some vaseline or eczema lotion on her skin overnight. Lately she hasn’t [...]

Since we first found out we were expecting again, I’ve been a visitor at They have so many useful pages to browse for everything from trying to conceive up to after the baby is born and beyond. My favorite page to view when we are expecting is the pregnancy calendar and the fetal development [...]