Subway’s CommitToFit – Week One with CarlsCrew

I need to be more active, I know this. So when I saw the challenge for the first week, I was ready to commit to making it happen.

The challenge sounded simple enough. Add 20 minutes of exercise to your day. Each morning I woke up with a plan to fit in an extra 20 minutes. It sounds a little ridiculous doesn’t it? I mean everyone has an extra 20 minutes in the day. I found out that I did, and it made me realize that too often, I chose to use those moments, on the couch, or checking my email.

Walking to the park CommitToFit CarlsCrew

A fun walk to our local park. The week was nice and we took advantage of it.

This week, there were walks to the park, family bike rides, and an extra walk while my daughter was in playschool. I played soccer with my daughters in the yard, and I chose to dig up the potatoes in the garden on my own for the extra activity. I even managed to walk around the outside of the playground while my girls played together (normally I would just sit and watch them). Then I got on the swings myself to see how high I could go.

Gardening Subway CommitToFit CarlsCrew

An afternoon in the garden. I dug up all of our potatoes for the extra workout. Here’s to garden-fresh food.

The result is that I’ve been sleeping better this week and when I head to bed, I fall asleep quickly.

Family bike rides Subway CommitToFit CarlsCrew

When my husband suggested a family bike ride, I was the first to jump on board. there were a lot of laughs as we got the last bit out of summer before putting our bikes away. Blurry because it’s an action shot!

In my journey to living a healthier life, my clothes are fitting differently. My husband told me that he didn’t think I could go out in my jeans one night because they looked like they were hanging off of me. I laughed it off, because they were the jeans I always wore, and headed out to get some groceries. I spent the hour walking around the store, holding my pants up.

So last week, I had the pleasure of packing three pairs of pants away because they were too big. That has never happened to me before. Then yesterday, as I was packing for a conference, two skirts, a sweater, and another pair of pants joined the pile.

Subway CommitToFit CarlsCrew

Stopping in for a quick lunch with my girls. This week, I let go of the bacon, extra cheese, and full-fat mayo.

Along with finding extra activity I can do in my day, I am making healthy choices. I drink a juice I make most mornings, and I have a smoothie in the afternoon with fruit, spinach, chia seeds, protein powder, and the Healing Mix I mentioned in a post last week. When we make the choice to eat out, I choose Subway. Finding healthy items to eat is easy, and I’ve been adjusting my sandwich choices to save on the extra fat and calories (such as not opting for extra cheese, saying no to bacon, and either passing on, or substituting the full-fat mayonnaise for something else).

Which brings me to our new week’s challenge – the swap. Swapping food I eat for healthier options.

I am going to have many opportunities to challenge myself this week as I head to a conference in Toronto. I am already packing my smoothie maker and will be making a pit stop at a local grocery store to pick up some healthy options to have on hand in my hotel room.

Head over the Subway’s Facebook page and take the Commit to Fit Pledge along with me. After you click the button and allow the app on your page, then you click it again to take the pledge if it doesn’t automatically load for you. Everyone who takes the pledge will also be entered to win a $10,000 cash prize. Please see their page for full terms and information.

I’ll check in again next week with my results.

Until then, what ingredients do you often substitute out for something that is better for you?

Disclosure: I am proud to be one of Carls Crew in the Subway Commit To Fit Challenge.
This is a sponsored feature and I also received gift cards to facilitate this post.
Opinions and results are my own.


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