Stop the Hate

Does anything stand out to you about this photo? Can you see the ignorance and hatred all over the place?

I can.

Or I should say that I can still see it.

I remember this moment so clearly. About two months ago I went for a walk with my two girls and we took the long way to the park. It was a beautiful day and I was having a great conversation with my daughter about why trees only have leaves in the summer.

I turned down the path to walk towards our local playground and my daughter asked to hop out of the double stroller so she could walk. As we made our way down the path, I looked down and I saw it. Not only did I see it, but my daughter saw it too. At that moment, I was actually thankful that she couldn’t read yet.

Spray painted on the sidewalk in blue paint was a racist comment, and I froze in disgust.

“What does that say mommy?”



I explained that I couldn’t repeat what was written because it wasn’t nice, it wasn’t right and it wasn’t true.

Those words have since been painted over and the view looks inviting again (actually, it looks amazing when my daughter steps in to view). But I know it is still there; lurking… hiding. I am haunted by it. It makes me sad to know that there are still people today with so much hate for others based on colour, race, sexual orientation, etc. It makes me equally sad to know that if it wasn’t spray painted out of hate, then it was done out of ignorance.

Its like putting lipstick on a pig. Its still a pig, and the underlying hate and ignorance is still there too.  The coward that wrote it is long gone. There is no argument or defense for the lumped group of individuals that were attacked so publicly.

So, all I feel like I can do in this instance is to use my blog as a platform to stand up and say that I don’t tolerate this message or any message that is meant to separate, call out, insult and harm others.

That’s all. Thanks for reading.

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  • Avatar Soozle Jun 12, 2012, 7:53 am

    Well said indeed!

    • Avatar Sheri Jun 12, 2012, 11:28 pm

      Thank you Soozle.

  • Avatar Kathryn Jun 11, 2012, 9:59 pm

    Well said, Sheri! And good for you! It makes me so sad to see things like that too, but it also makes me so happy that there are so many amazing people like you taking a stand against bigotry and intolerance!

    • Avatar Sheri Jun 11, 2012, 10:43 pm

      Thanks Kat.