Some of Our Wedding Photos

We received our pictures from our photographer, here are a few of them.

My dad waiting for me at the church (one of my favorite pictures).

Walking down the aisle with my dad.

Frank and I kissed when we first saw each other at the alter. I was so excited to finally see him that I forgot to wait until after we were married to kiss…oops!

The real “You may kiss the bride…”

Yeah! We’re married!!!

Stealing a kiss from my “husband”

While we were waiting for the church to clear we had to “get the air moving” to cool down. It was a really hot day.

Outside of the church.

A shot of Frank with his guys. Left to right is Moe, Dan, Marcelo, Frank, Javier, Richie and Chris.

Me and my girls getting ready to strike a pose.

Nancy (my sister) and I

Frank with his brother Richie and sister Steph

Frank and I with our families

Our wedding party

My bridal party and I.

My bouquet…that I loved!

Pictures as husband and wife.

Inside the Manitoba Legislature Building.

Inside the Leg #2.

Sheri Landry

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