Simple cleaning is my new favourite thing

After 41 years on this planet, I’ve decided that cleaning isn’t a strength of mine. Now some people out there like my husband will say I threw in the towel about 10 years ago. And others, like my parents, will tell you that I never really got the hang of it at all.

I won’t completely disagree with any of them, but I will argue that it is the time investment I dislike. I like having a clean house, and if I can find a corner to cut to make it clean, well all the better… especially where cleaning toilets is concerned. Side note: I think I may be allergic to cleaning toilets, but my doctor tells me there is no way to officially test for this so it will remain a mystery.

Back to my new favourite thing, simple cleaning. In order to keep it simple and quick, products need to work well with minimal effort on my part. They need to be packaged for easy storage and use, and they need to be easily accessible.

New Lysol Click Gel toilet bowl cleaners. Individually wrapped and easy to use.

Recently I found such a cleaning product in new Lysol Click Gel. These are individually packaged, lavender-scented toilet bowl cleaners. There are four to a pack and you just open the package, remove the one-use container, remove the protective films, and push it against the inside of your toilet bowl (directions on the package). Then you can recycle the used applicator.

This was really quick to do, and the lavender scent was not overwhelming. I liked the individual packaging so unused Click Gels remain stored well away from kids. My daughter likes to help clean (she doesn’t get this from her mother), and this packaging means she can help by handing me the package for use.

Days later, the bathrooms still smelled great. After about one week, the gel dissolves with your flushes and you can easily apply a new one. This is simple cleaning at its finest.

NEW Lysol® Click Gel™ keeps toilets clean & fresh…with just one click. Simply press the Lysol® Click Gel™ applicator against the inside of your toilet bowl until it clicks, and let Lysol do the cleaning for you. With every flush, this product delivers continuous clean and freshness for up to 1 week. Keeping your toilet clean and fresh has never been easier. Visit for details and coupons.

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