Share Solutions and Raise Spirits with Scotch

“Where’s the tape?”

That is a sentence that is often used around our house. Whether it is for a craft project gone horribly wrong, or a favorite book that fell victim to a game of ‘That’s Mine’. Tape is used to temporarily mend or permanently fix many scenarios that occur in our house on a daily basis.

Enter Scotch.

Scotch Tape is focused on creating perfect moments out of the imperfect and they aim to aid Canadians by easing stress and creating positive experiences from the not-so-positive.  To roll out and celebrate this new initiative, Scotch Tape is proud to announce a new partnership with Children’s Aid Foundation and the launch of a Facebook application.

The goal of this application is to raise money for the foundation by asking Canadians how they use Scotch Tape to manage chaos encountered in everyday life. From mending a child’s art project or leaving loved ones secret messages to creating creative nail designs on a budget, we all use Scotch Tape in different ways.

Here’s how you can help. Just head over to the Share Solutions, Raise Spirits Facebook application. Like Scotch Brand and then tell them how you used Scotch brand products to save the day. For every solution that is shared, Scotch Brand will donate $1 to the Children’s Aid Foundation.


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