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One of the many things I enjoy about having my daughter is dressing her. I love finding one-of-a-kind outfits and unique shoes for her. Okay, the shoe part is me living vicariously through her. In my (ahem) younger days I owned at least 50 pairs of shoes. So finding adorable shoes for her just gives me a rush.

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I came across See Kai Run and was lucky enough to be sent a pair of shoes for Baby Bird to review. I was able to choose the shoes I wanted to review and I have to say, I sat at my computer for an hour and a half trying to decide. Their selection is amazing and I had it narrowed down to three (yes, three) pairs after that time. I’m glad Papa Bird helped me to pick or I fear I may still be there deciding.

See Kai Run was created in 2004 to fill the need for comfortable shoes with flexible soles for little ones to wear outdoors. New designs are always being created and there is a lot of selection so everyone is bound to find one (or three) shoes to fit your angel’s personality.

Julie BootI chose the Julie boots from the See Kai Run line. I just need to cut straight to it — I love these boots. The soles of the boots are really flexible so Baby Bird will be able to move her feet around properly as she is taking her first steps. The detail put into these boots is amazing. One thing I really love about these shoes is the bottom of them. It has See Kai Run on the soles along with other words like dance, laugh, dream. The material is so soft and the colors go together so well. I just get giddy thinking about them. I wish they made a pair in my size!

Julie BootsThese boots do up with a zipper and it is a good strong zipper. I found with some kids boots, that the zipper is sometimes small and I always worried about breaking it off if I tugged to hard, not with these boots. The inside of the boots are faux-fur (an option) and they are so soft and will keep Baby Bird warm in the fall. Right now, she enjoys wearing them around the house and loves watching me put them on and take them off her.

One other thing I enjoy about these boots is that they are very easy to get on. My daughter’s feet are a little wide and these fit so nice and give her a little bit of extra wiggle room.

Stop by the site and check them out. I’d love to know what style is your favourite.

I would like to thank Julie with See Kai Run for the great review opportunity.

Sheri Landry
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