Five features you need in a tablet

I recently posted about how I organize my life with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, and since then I’ve been spending more time moving into my new tablet and getting to know it better. I came across some other features that saved me some time, and spoke to my extreme multitasking tendencies.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Here are my five favourite features that I didn’t know I needed until I had them.

Two screens at once

Speaking of multitasking, you can split your screen and do two things at once. How about reading an article online while Skyping with a friend? Or reading This Bird’s Day while surfing your Facebook feed?

Multitasking split screen on the Samung Galaxy Tab A

Screen shot of the multitasking split screen on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Separate logins/user accounts

I have my apps, my husband has his. With this feature, I log in under my own user account, and I see all of my apps on the screen while my husband’s are hidden. Not only that, but I set up my screen how I want to see it. This way you aren’t continually moving icons around to how you like them only to have the next person move them back.

Ultra Power Saving Mode

We’ve all been there… That moment you realize you need 15% more battery, but you only have 2%. With Power Saving Mode and Ultra Power Saving Mode, you can restrict apps and features that would normally drain your battery and buy yourself some extra time.

Reading Mode

This is a nice feature for anyone who does a lot of reading on their tablet. Eye strain can cause a lot of headaches and this feature changes the brightness and colour of your screen to something that is easier on the eyes. This feature can be found in Settings -> Display -> Screen Mode.

Kids Mode

I’m still impressed with this feature. Kids Mode allows kids to play on their own without the fear of them opening one of your apps and doing some damage. In Kids Mode, they can not make any purchases and you are able to set a specific amount of play time so you can control how much time they spend playing their games.

Kids Mode in the Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Thanks to Samsung Canada, I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A to giveaway so you can check out these features too.


So let us know, which feature do you think you’d like the most?

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