Renos Around the House

Papa Bird and I have been in our new place for a month now. The house has had a lot of upgrades, but there is still more to be done.

On the inside of the house we want to replace all of our bathroom vanities. They are all clean looking, but they have an early 90’s design to them and we want something more relaxing and simple. This is going to be a tough project because we have 4 bathrooms. We’ll first have to decide which is the worst offender. For now it is on the top of our indoor projects and something we are saving up for.

On the outside is a garden/tool shed for the back yard. Our garage is a little smaller than our old one so we need the extra space to store our summer yard stuff (gardening supplies, yard tools and summer chairs). So that is on the top of Papa Bird’s list.

He is also going to be battling our lawn, and it’s pretty bad. Worse than we thought before we moved in. There are a lot of dry spots, a lot of quack grass and one giant circle that tells us there was an above ground pool in the yard. I will make sure take pictures and detail what he is doing to bring this yard back to life.

Yesterday, I began my summer adventure in gardening. The previous owners had a lot of compost in the garden. I went through and took out some of the really big pieces and I also found a Barbie that Baby Bird thought was the coolest thing. Now I think she thinks that Barbies come from the garden!

There was a 6 foot circle of strawberries that I tore out.


Yup. I did.

I kept 3 of them because I bought an upside down contraption that I will be planting them in (I’ll post about that once they start growing). I dug up all of the rest.

We are getting a guy in to till the garden this week and I didn’t want to strawberries in there. I was too afraid that they would multiply and take over if they didn’t come out completely, it’s happened to me before!

Disclaimer: I’m about to sound like a total dork.

I am so beyond excited.

While we were in Winnipeg, I bought 10 strawberry plants, 10 heritage tomato plants (all different colours), 2 cauliflower, a gooseberry and my mother-in-law gave me three awesome tomato plants. I also bought some corn on the cob and I will be making my first trip of the year to Holes Garden Centre this Friday to buy the rest of my vegetables and herbs.

I can’t wait – fingers crossed I will be knee deep in soil, gardening away this weekend.

giggle, giggle.

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  • Lady V dZine May 19, 2010, 5:32 pm

    Cracks me up that you tore out strawberries then bought some. LOL. Good luck with your gardening and be sure to post how those upside down things work, I've been looking at those.

  • nadine May 17, 2010, 2:06 pm

    I am just as dorky! Have spent all my waking time in the garden for the past few weeks!! Fighting off the rabbits, planting, weeding with my snazzy new fiskars weeder!! :) I got 12 different types of tomatoes, can't wait to see all the weird ones! We are like you, we ripped up all the chives and just threw them in the compost, ignored the raspberries that were here when we moved in. I am concentrating on the fun stuff, the weird herbs, all the regular stuff I just get from my mom. Can't wait to see all the pics!

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