The Princess and the Three Knights Review

Princess and the Three Knights Book Cover“There was once a princess, the fairest one in all the land.” This is how the new book The Princess and the Three Knights, written by Karen Kingsbury starts off.

In this fairytale, the King is looking for a knight worthy enough to marry his beautiful daughter. The knights of the kingdom endure various tests to prove their love for the King’s daughter. In the final test, the real meaning of true love shines through.

Karen Kingsbury is a New York Times best-selling author and has written more than 40 fiction titles. She is also dubbed by Time magazine as the Queen of Christian Fiction and one of her novels is being made into a major motion picture and is due to be released in early 2010.

Having a princess Baby Bird of my own, I enjoy this book. It teaches that not everyone always has your best interest at heart and how important it is to find someone who wants to give you a great happily ever after. It also shows the importance of looking for inner beauty, kindness of heart and strength of character.

The drawings in this book are fit for a princess and the cover has the nice added touch of some glitter. The book is illustrated by Montreal-born Gabrielle Grimard. She began her career as a muralist, painting numerous walls in commercial buildings in the Montreal area.

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