Playhouse Disney: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Mickey’s Mouskersize

It has been a long winter here and looking at our weather forecast for the next week, it feels like this is going to be the spring that never comes.

With the excessive snow we had this past winter and with snow drifts in our yard getting up to over 5 feet high, playing outside hasn’t really been an option. Unless the name of the game is “find your 2 foot daughter”. Even our city has given up the battle and most side streets were cleared to only one lane with huge snow banks covering the rest of the street so even going for walks has been treacherous.

I also have to admit that being pregnant over this winter, I have been a lot slower to react and a lot of the exercising with our daughter has been handled by my husband (thank you).  We’ve gone up to our local mall (West Edmonton Mall) to look around and take advantage of their many activities.

At home, Papa Bird, Little Bird and I have played hide n’ seek, we’ve also played a game we made up called Hide the Balloon (which is a lot like hide n’ seek actually. We are also lucky that we have an open concept on our main floor and there have even been some games of tag to keep us all busy.

Our daughter has also become a big fan of ballet moves and practices different dance routines that her father and her make up. I try to participate, but being 30 weeks pregnant now, I hold them back. And that isn’t the only dance she enjoys. She has also become quite the fan of her father’s old heavy metal record collection and when those tunes start flowing, they both grab their guitars and rock out.

Going out all of the time can get costly if you go to a lot of places, and boring if you are always going to the same places, but keeping yourself and kids busy during the cold months is so important.

Playhouse Disney has come up with a great contribution to helping our youngsters stay healthy and keep active with their new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mickey’s Mousekersize which hit the Playhouse Disney Channel  on March 5. Have no fear if you missed it because it is also available On Demand at Playhouse Disney Online (for PHD channel subscribers).

Little Bird loved doing the actions along with Mickey and friends and even had Papa Bird in on the fun. The shows are done in classic Mickey style and incorporate a lot of exercise routines that are needed to complete the story and your eager kids are invited to ‘mouskersize’ along and help out.

Make sure you check your local listings for Mickey Mouskersize to add to the fun your little ones can have in doors and like Playhouse Disney on Facebook to keep up to date on new innitiatives.

Disclosure: I’m part of the Playhouse Disney Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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