Pampers: Tips for Parents by Parents

You may remember my original post titled Pampers: A Parent is Born where I told you that Pampers was looking for our tips to share with new parents. They were looking for tips on baby/mommy sleep tips and coping with going back to work.

I shared with you my submission and I found out recently I was going to be considered for inclusion in their tip sheet.

Well, the tips are out, and my parent to new parent tip was included. I’m pretty excited to be in their tip sheet. You can check out their list of Tips for Parents – By Parents on their website.

If you’re looking for my entry, it is on page 2 of the ‘Balance Baby & Life’ tip sheet. I also won a $20 gift card from as a part of their giveaway.

Did anyone else here enter? If your tip made it in, which one is it?

In case you are wondering, I spent my prize money on the 80’s movie “My Science Project” on DVD. Can’t wait to get it!

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