Our Trip to Winnipeg

Last week I was on a hiatus of sorts – but you guys didn’t know it :)

I’m sure some of you figured it out when your comments for giveaways took a day before showing up. Others may have noticed my daily posts became more like “a few a week” posts. Even others like Nadine of Save Money in Winnipeg may have figured it out when I showed up on her doorstep for a visit (are you considered a stalker if someone invites you to their house?).

Our family went on vacation and we went to our hometown of Winnipeg for a week. We visited with friends and family and Baby Bird had the time of her life. She met cousins and new friends and she spent a couple of days at a cabin and walking up and down the beach looking for seashells. She went to the zoo and was the attention-getter at all of the parties and get togethers we attended.

I promise I will get some pictures up for everyone. I also have a few different topics to share with you so I will do a few separate posts today as it is a lot to fit in to one post.

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