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A lot was accomplished around our house this weekend. Boxes were emptied and broken down for recycling. More of our house was organized and set up. And today I was able to spend some time setting up ‘my’ room. There is a den on the main floor and I am using it for my scrapbooking, crafts, coupons. I’m also using it as an office to organize my reviews and giveaways.

It was a nice day today, but Baby Bird had a little cold so we kept to the house. Seeing the silver lining here, it is probably a good idea that we stayed in. The green thumb inside of me wants to get outside and clean up our flower beds and garden, but we really did need to focus on inside this weekend. Once the summer hits, we are an outside family so its good that we worked on the inside.

I did get outside just before dinner tonight to take a couple of pictures of our new garden. Here are the before pictures to what I’m hoping will be a successful adventure this year.

I have to still clear out some of the larger garbage that’s in there, and I think the plants that are coming up are strawberries so I may try to use them else where (I bought a hanging strawberry grower that I’ll post about later).

I will be calling around to see if we can get someone out to till the soil this year as we are rushed for time and won’t be able to get to it ourselves before planting time.

So that is my before shot. I am so excited to get started but I will wait. Last year I knew I was pushing it when I planted just before the May long weekend. The weather was SO nice and I couldn’t help myself. We went back to Winnipeg for a visit only to have that week drop to below freezing. When I came back I got the pleasure of watching 6 of my beautiful tomato plants wither away.

I won’t make that mistake twice – okay, maybe I will, but not this year!

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  • Avatar Anonymous Apr 26, 2010, 12:10 pm

    You have quite the space for the backyard in the city! Your evergreen trees will look lovely in Dec. and your garden looks like you will have a nice crop. Happy gardening! marg p

  • Avatar Mama K Apr 26, 2010, 9:53 am

    Ooooh, I'm excited to read about your gardening adventures! I'm gonna give square foot gardening a try this year (was gonna blog about it today in fact!) so it will be nice to see if our finicky weather affects us the same.