Otterbottle is a Canadian company, created by Shannon Andrukow that makes stainless steel water bottles to help rid the world of unnecessary plastic water bottles.

Since doing my first review of Otterbottle last year, I almost always have it with me. It comes on our family outings and it shows up with me at work every morning.

I’ve gotten some nice comments on it and I love sharing that it’s made by a Canadian company and is a great alternative to buying water or using plastic containers.

I also had a sneaky suspicion that Papa Bird liked my bottle too. This was confirmed when I received a new stainless steel water bottle from Otterbottle to review and Papa Bird instantly claimed my old water bottle. I have not used or bought plastic water bottles since my first review last year and it is something I am very proud of.

Otterbottle is located in Calgary and was started by Shannon Andrukow when she couldn’t find a Canadian company that made stainless steel water bottles with designs that reflected her own personal style. With a name like Otterbottle and a top quality product, this company has grown  into an unforgettable force in Canadian business.

Their styles change throughout the year to reflect the changing seasons. If you haven’t had a chance to see their new products, take a look at their site. They have their summer styles up now.

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