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For Christmas-lovers, our season is winding down. In our home, it was a wonderful flurry of food, family, friends, presents, and a lot of good cheer.

I had the opportunity to ‘shut it down’ for a few days and really focus on our time together. Our girls favourite gifts included Minecraft toys and an XBox game (I liked the game the most), art and drawing supplies, and dollar-store plastic snowball makers (these things are genius and had our girls asking to stay outside).

When we were sitting inside and the girls needed a break from their toys, we had no shortage of great holiday shows to watch on Netflix.


Before I list our holiday favourites, I want to mention All Hail King Julien, because it was our most-watched show this month once it was available on December 19. A spin-off from the popular Madagascar movies, this show starts with how Julien became ‘King’ Julien and features a new character. Since this new addition wasn’t present in the feature films, our oldest is interested in seeing her story play out.

To bring our spirits to an all-time festive high, our favourite shows to watch included:

For the family

From left to right
Arthur Christmas: This is family-favourite ths year. Filled with a lot of laughs, this is one to watch.

Rise of the Guardians: This one isn’t just about Christmas, but our girls like to watch it each year (and so do I) so it is on my list.

Dr Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas: I recommend parental discretion when watching this one. Our girls enjoy it but they also have an understanding that movies are just for entertainment. Some younger or more sensitive kids may not sit through this.

For the adults

From left to right
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation: This is a must-watch every Christmas. Somehow watching someone’s Christmas plans fall apart always makes me feel better about my own. That squirrel scene gets me every time.

Elf: I love this movie. Will Farrell does a great job of bringing a wonderful innocence to his character and there are so many great  quotes from the film.

Love Actually: If you’ve seen this movie before, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say there is one storyline in this movie that makes it unfit to watch with my kids which is sad to me as it is such a great movie. That being said, I like that the scene is in the movie as not everyone lives a PG life and I’ll watch this one with my kids when they are older. For now, I love watching this movie and it is on my list to watch this week.

What have you been watching on Netflix this month?

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