NASCAR Unleashed Video Game

I can’t tell you the fun my husband and I had on Saturday night. Okay, I can, and I will.

I was recently sent the newly released NASCAR Unleashed (by Activision) for our Wii to review and on Saturday, we got our game on.

The game is extremely easy to get in to. There are basic screens that allow you to choose your car and driver, but you don’t need to spend a lot of time customizing everything before you get to the fun.You can play on your own in single player mode, or race against a friend.

As the race began, my husband noted how nice the graphics were.

You start in tutorial mode, and your first couple of races take you through the buttons and what you can do to get around the track faster. The buttons are easy to pick up and they make sense. To play the game on the Wii, you need the main control and the nunchuck. The main control allows you to speed up and slow down, and the nunchuck is for steering and using speed boosts.

My husband started out on tutorial and we learned the ropes. I sat and watched because I hate being the first to try. I like to learn from others mistakes in games and then dominate the game.

The races take place in different locations from the track, through cities, across beaches and more. We laughed as we took down light poles and crashed in to other cars. Throughout the game you get challenges that pop up on the screen. You may be challenged with making new rivals by smashing in to them and you get extra points for kicking other cars when they are down. Doing these sort of stunts makes rivals out of some members, then they come after you with a vengeance.

After my husband played for awhile, I wanted to try.

Before I tell you how I did on my first try, I need to say that I am doing this review as someone who does not actively watch NASCAR, and I can be slow to learn how the controls work when it comes to new games.

That being said, I rocked that race track on my first round.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t take my finger off the gas, or used the brake once. I made a lot of rivals and I wasn’t even sure I was challenged to at the time. I also took out three cars when they were on their last leg. Most miraculously was that on my first try, I came in first. Wahooo — bragging rights!

Final Thoughts
We both enjoyed this game and it will be played again and again. I’m thinking of having a game night in January for some friends and this will be a fun one to play. It is exciting, action packed and really easy to get in to.

NASCAR Unleashed is available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and 3DS and it is rated E for Everyone as there are no graphic crashes, poor language, etc so it can be played on family game night without worry.

You can find it on and If you are searching for it and can not find it, try searching for ‘NASCAR Arcade’. For some reason it is listed under those terms too.

For more information, you can visit the Activision Unleashed website or like NASCAR Unleashed on Facebook.

Disclosure: I received NASCAR Unleashed for free to complete my feature. The opinions expressed in this post are mine only and are in no way influenced by any outside factors.

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