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On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

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Name Your Tune is a Canadian-based company that includes your child’s name over 80 times in 14 different favorite kids songs.

Name Yout Tune CDSName Your Tune sent me a personalized CD with Baby Bird’s name on it. When ordering the CD, they ask that you both spell out their name, and spell it phonetically, or to sound it out. Kind of like spelling Baby Bird, then phonetically spelling it as ‘Bay-bee Bird’. Our daughters name can be pronounced a couple of ways, but they got it bang on! And it sounds so good to hear it in the songs. We first put the CD on when Baby Bird was playing, and she started to dance to the music. She was so excited to be dancing, she never noticed her name during the first song. But then the second song came on and it went like this… “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. If you’re Baby Bird and you know it clap your hands.” Each time she heard her name during that song she stopped dancing (and clapping her hands) briefly and looked at the stereo. It was just so cute. Name Your Tune will also personalize the actual CD. We had ours read “Happy 2nd Christmas Baby Bird, Love always Mommy and Daddy”.

CDsThe songs are very well sung and you can definitely make out Baby Bird’s name throughout. I love all of the songs on this CD. They are popular so I can sing along with them too. You can get a complete playlist of the songs on the CD and you can click to listen to them on their site. This is a fantastic gift for any young child. The most fun is watching someone who is just learning their name when the CD is playing. Seeing the look of faint recognition is so adorable.

The Name Your Tune Personalized CD has made it to our Christmas shopping list this year as we have someone who this will be perfect for and will be placing an order shortly.

CDs and PackageThe Name Your Tune CDs sell for $20CAD on their website. A portion from the sale of each Personalized CD is donated to Hear Here, a Toronto-based non-profit organization that provides hearing aids for children.

After you check it out let me know what your favourite song on the CD is.

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