Mother’s Day Gifts: London Drugs is Here to Help

So, how many of you are reading this title, thinking “wow, that came up fast, what am I going to get her?”?

Deep breath. Don’t worry…

Finding the perfect gift for Mom is easy and affordable at London Drugs. To prove this theory, I got the chance to head out to my nearest London Drugs on Friday afternoon to pick out something out that I really wanted for Mother’s Day.

I was tasked at finding something affordable, so I searched for items under the $50 price mark. As a mom, it was hard not to think of others. Here is how I spent an hour in London Drugs on Friday.

20130506-135103.jpgFirst, I looked at an ice cream maker which sounds great, but it would mostly be used for my kids. Plus, I was hungry. I really should have eaten before I left home.

20130506-135112.jpgThen I looked at a popcorn maker. This would be a lot of fun on movie night. But we have two popcorn makers already. I really should have eaten something.

20130506-135118.jpgCome to mama! This margarita maker would rock in my kitchen this summer. Can I convince my husband that the new deck we are building really needs one of these to ‘POP’? Maybe. It is a little pricey for Mother’s Day though. So, moving on.

JVC Lightweight Headphones - White - HAS600W - London Drugs 2013-05-06 13-50-05Then I found it. The one item I have been wanting for a couple of months now. A pair of really good JVC Lightweight Headphones. I know, not very ‘mommy’, but the trick to getting the perfect Mother’s Day gift is to know your mom. Not only were they my top choice, but they were also on sale. They are regular $59.99, but until May 26, they are listed at $39.99 at London Drugs. So you can get a great gift at a great price.

I shared my reasons for wanting this gift over on the London Drugs blog.

What are you doing for Mother’s Day this year?

Disclosure: I received a pair of JVC Lightweight Headphones from London Drugs to complete my feature. The opinions in this post are my own.

Sheri Landry

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