Memories of Back to School

Since I picked my daughter up on her last day of pre-K in June, I’ve been thinking about my early school memories. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in ‘what needs to get done’ these days that I forget that these moments will forge my own daughter’s memories when she is my age.

I’ve crowd-sourced some friends to share their back to school memories in the hopes that by reliving our back-to-school memories, we will be reminded that our kids are also developing their own memories at this moment and we have an important part in making sure they are fondly looked upon as ‘the best days ever’.

I have fond memories of back-to-school supply shopping as a kid. I loved getting new school supplies! I was part of the Kids for Saving Earth Club in Elementary School, and was extra proud to get eco-friendly recycled notebooks and folders. That love for green still lives strong today! – Judith Lam Tang (

20130929-035900.jpgI remember waking up early, before the whole family that first day. Dressed, breakfast done before everyone else came down. After that I was done….woke up 5 minutes before I had to leave the rest of the year. – Vera Orsini (

I grew up in a small town. Starting from age 14, I worked full time every summer and was responsible for buying my own back-to-school clothes. Fortunately my oldest sister was already on her own in the “metropolis” of Calgary so I would visit her for a weekend of back-to-school shopping every August, which was fun and formative in and of itself, but I especially loved reviewing my purchases and planning my outfits for fall. My most treasured piece was a sea foam blue-green silk blouse. It made my heart sing! Looking back, those experiences led to a lifelong interest in fashion and mentorship from my big sis which are evident in my blog today! – Nicole Rowan (

20130929-035218.jpgI grew up in rural Alberta farm country, so many of my back-to-school memories involve waiting at the end of our long driveway for the yellow school bus. I could see the dust billowing behind it on the gravel road for miles. Every afternoon, my dog would patiently wait for me to get home – he would bark when he saw the bus pull up. – Carla Putnam Kerr (

When I think back to going back to school time, two things immediately enter my mind. Sticking my little name stickers on all of my school supplies, and having that stupid “first day of school” pic taken on the front steps of our house. Oh yes, and new shoes. I love new shoes … back to school always means new shoes. Maybe I should sign up for a class…… – April Wiens (

When I think of my own back-to-school memories, I end up at one word — ‘new’. I remember new haircuts, clothing and supplies. I remember being so excited to see all of my friends back in one place again and wondering if there will be any new kids in class (I always had room for another friend). I remember getting notes in my lunch bag reminding me just how much my mom (and dad) loved me. It wasn’t always so wonderful though, being a military family, we did move once in awhile and I remember the sadness of leaving my old friends behind at the start of a new school year. Luckily though, this passed and as I found my place among new friends, I grew in to my new surroundings and moved on. For me, the first day back to school was the second best day in the whole school year. The best day, was always the last day before summer break.


Growing up, I enjoyed school. It was easy with great friends and wonderful teachers like Miss Pidskalny (kindergarten), Mrs. Grimson (grade 1), and Mrs. Hamm (grade 2).

So as I remember my past today, my daughter is developing her ‘good ole days’ of the future. In less than one week, she will be starting on her path through the educational system. This Friday, I am taking my girls out for a Ladies Lunch. It is a small tradition of ours where our girls and I go to a nice sit-down restaurant and have a nice meal together. Knowing my girls, they will choose sushi — then froyo.

Remember through the chaos that is ‘BTS’, to take some time and help your children remember the fun, special moments.

What are your fondest back-to-school memories? Leave a comment below if you would like to share.

Happy Back-to-School everyone!

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  • Judith Judith Sep 5, 2013, 9:17 pm

    What a wonderful post, Sheri! Thanks for including me. I think you are so right: we need to take time to be nostalgic so we can remember our experiences, and hopefully create memorable experiences for our kids.

  • Avatar Soozle Aug 29, 2013, 4:48 pm

    What an amazing post :) Thank you for sharing your story with us!

    I don’t know if I have a FOND back to school memory – I was a very shy child, so going to school was always so nerve wracking for me! Once I was settled in, I was fine – but the initial fear of going… boy oh boy!

  • Vera Orsini vera Aug 28, 2013, 11:24 am

    This was an awesome post. I loved reading everyone’s back to school memories :)