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I’m a huge fan of the clothing lines at Mark’s Work Warehouse. Long gone are the days where only those in trades can shop for their clothes (although there is still a great selection for them too).

Mark’s has taken their commitment to quality and expanded their lines to include womens, mens, casual and dressy. Recently Papa Bird has been dropping hints that he needs new work clothes and the first place that came to mind was Mark’s. Did you know they have a fantastic selection for professional office attire, both for men and women?

We got the chance to take a look at some professional wear from their Spring 2011 line and I am in love with the new styles. They look great, but even better is the amount of care required to keep them looking brand new. It’s pretty much wash and dry.

We received the Denver Hayes Never Iron Shirt and Flat Front Pant. ‘Never Iron’ – that alone makes me want to giggle, but it is true. Papa Bird has washed both and he said that he was impressed that they came out of the dryer looking pressed and he just has to hang them up. This picture was taken a few weeks after we received the outfit and it has been through some washes.

The styles are sharp and the quality is durable. Neither the pant of the shirt shrunk in the washer/dryer so don’t go buying a big size thinking it is going to shrink (like some stores do).

After checking out the quality, Papa Bird went out and bought a second pair of pants and a pair of shoes from Mark’s. If you are in the market for a solid pair of shoes either for work or casual, I recommend checking out Mark’s Work Warehouse. They have a huge selection and the shoes are made to last.

So, gentlemen (and ladies), if you are looking for new clothes for work, I suggest dropping in to your local Mark’s to see what they have. In addition to no ironing, they even have clothes that repel water, retain their original shape, don’t fade and don’t shrink. Investing in clothes that last is a great way to stretch your dollar further while still looking fabulous.

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  • Avatar nadine Apr 26, 2011, 4:25 pm

    What a handsome guy! :) We love everything from Marks, their work clothes are amazing! Will have to try those out!