London Drugs Gets an A+ for Back-to-School Tech

The main thing that has changed since I went to school (besides the fashion) is the amount of technology that is used in classrooms these days.

(Queue the “I’m getting old” music.)

Back in my day, the closest anyone came to computers was during the one single keyboarding class that we could take. I remember thinking that I would never need keyboarding skills because I didn’t want to be a secretary. I am seriously laughing at my teen-aged self right now.

Now when I think ‘back to school’ tech, I immediately think London Drugs. Their computer department prides itself on carrying the best products at great prices, and they do.

Last year, when I worked with them on a back to school feature, I had the chance to check out some great iPad cases. So when this year came around and I find myself looking for military grade covers for our daughters’ iPad Minis, I knew exactly where to go.


I dropped by the London Drugs store in West Edmonton Mall and found an aisle stocked with back to school supplies, lunch totes and backpacks. Not only that, they were all clearly marked with bright yellow sale tags.

Heading further into the store, I entered the computer and accessories section where I was greeted with a smile by a coworker who was working on one of the shelves. I was served as soon as she had completed her task and I asked about their iPad Mini cases. She went straight to the Survivor iPad Mini case from Griffin that I was shown a year ago and was very knowledgeable in answering my questions.

Survivor Griffin iPad Mini

These particular cases are $59.99 and, trust me, if they are for the protection of an iPad that belongs to a child (or kid/teenager), then it is a great investment as you can’t undo a cracked screen. This particular product will protect (to a certain extent) against shock & drop, vibration, wind & rain, and sand & dust. And it says ‘Military-Duty’ right on the case.

If you aren’t finding the gadgets and gizmos you need this year, make sure you check out London Drugs. Their great selection and expert staff will make sure you walk away with the product or information you need.

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