Littlest Pet Shop Friends Wii – Review

Since getting our Wii 6 months ago, we play whenever we can. It’s always after Baby Bird goes to bed because the games just aren’t a good fit for her.
LPS logoWe recently had the opportunity to review Nintendo’s Littlest Pet Shop Friends for our Wii and we were so excited that there was a game that Baby Bird could watch and participate in.

box artThe Littlest Pet Shop friends are having fun and throwing a surprise party for a new friend. There are a lot of mini games throughout the game that you can play and the best part is as a parent, you can join in on the fun and play on the expert level while your child plays on the easier level until they figure it out. I tried some of the games on expert level and they were the equivalent of an adult easy level. I ended up going back to the actual easy level and they were quite easy to do, but still fun.

Game imageThere are a lot of areas to explore including the country, downtown and the carnival to name a few. There are games along the way and you meet new friends everywhere. You also get to name each of your new friends and buy them different clothes and accessories. The views in the game a brightly coloured and everything is well laid out.

This is a really fun game for everyone to enjoy and will provide hours of entertainment while the different friends prepare for a wonderful surprise party — where there is also a surprise waiting for them as well in the end!

The Littlest Pet Shop Friends is available on Nintendo DS and Wii and is for kids (and adults) ages 3+. 2 Players can play at a time.

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