Little Windows Photo Jewelery Review

On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

little windows logoLittle Windows takes your favorite photo and turns it into a treasured piece of jewelery. You can choose to have your jewelery made for you. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, you can choose to make your own jewelery.

NecklaceLittle Windows sent me a Make 3 Kit to review. For the same price of having one custom-made photo necklace, I can get a DIY kit where I can make 3 necklaces on my own. Hmmm… There’s me and two loving Grandma’s. Yup, that makes three! You get everything you need in one kit to make three necklaces and a little bit more.

moldsWhen I received the kit, I read the instructions and watched the online tutorials to make sure my first attempt at necklace making would be a success. There is software right on the Little Windows site where you can automatically resize your photos so they will fit into the mold for the necklaces. I cut out the pieces, and mixed my resin and hardener as per the instructions. I was able to make three necklaces. While they were setting, I decided to make some domed magnets as well (the instructions for doming are on the site as well). I mixed more resin and hardener and was able to make 14 domed photos. They are of Baby Bird, Papa Bird and me. I will be attaching magnets to them and taking them in to work to display in my office.

NecklaceThe verdict — I really enjoyed making these necklaces. It was a little slice of me time. I waited until Baby Bird went down for a nap, then took my coffee downstairs and set to work. Everything was very easy to do. I had a little problem with one of the pins that I needed to thread through the pendant to attach to the chain. It ended up snapping of on me and there wasn’t enough pins there to have a “do over” so I ended up pulling out my craft kit and threading a string through the hole to attach it and you can’t even tell that I made my own “fix”. The other two turned out perfect and will be going to two very happy Grandma’s.

The Little Windows Make 3 Kit sells for $48US on their website.

So, what is your favourite piece of jewelery?

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