Lays Chip Trips: Valley Zoo

We found ourselves back at the Valley Zoo in Edmonton with our Lays Chip Trip points a couple of weekends ago. Papa Bird, Baby Bird and I had so much fun that a ‘do over’ was in order.

This time though, Papa Bird had to work. So Baby Bird and I invited Grandma, Grandpa and a good family friend along on the adventure.

The restrictions on the different Lays Trips varies, so you need to read the fine print. For our Zoo adventure, I could print out as many vouchers as I had points available, so we could make the trip a second time. Not only that, but I can also print vouchers in other people’s names. So I printed one voucher for my friend and I, and a second voucher for my parents and everyone saved on admission.

Baby Bird and I were on the hunt for the elusive Lucy the elephant. Every other time we had gone, we missed seeing her.

Baby Bird was our tour guide on this trip. She took her grandparents all over and stayed up two hours past her nap time. I think she was determined to see everything she missed on the last trip.

After much animal-watching, snacks, a ride on the merry-go-round and posing for pictures, we decided to take one more walk to find Lucy as she took her morning walk.

How hard could it be – she’s an elephant, she’s huge and she doesn’t move that fast!

FINALLY! We saw her near the end of our trip. She decided to take a break on the lawn and eat some of the bushes. Also, just so you know, I wasn’t brave enough to get really close, this is taken with my zoom.

Did you know? Lay’s® Chip Trips has partnered with the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC). Make sure you check out the CTC’s Locals Know site to see some great spots and really great deals across the country. Visit their deals page to find all kinds of great travel deals across the country.

* Disclosure – I am participating in the Lay’s® Chip Trips program by Mom Central on behalf of Frito Lay Canada. I received Lay’s® Chip Trip points and a gift card to off-set my trip costs to facilitate this post. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  • SamiJoe Aug 3, 2010, 11:41 am

    We missed out on Lucy on our trip too! And yes, how hard is it to miss an elephant??

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