Last Minute Back to School Shopping at Staples

If you’re like me (cough — procrastinator), then you’ll be happy to know that Staples still has a good selection of back to school items available. I stopped by the Staples location in South Edmonton Common yesterday to find a sea of supplies and many families in the aisles marking items off of their school lists. 20130823-130739.jpg

The items are easy to find in the aisles and well-marked bins have been set up to help speed up the process grouping similar stationary items in close proximity to each other which speeds up the comparison time.


Along with some school stationary items, I picked up a couple of clear bins, enough to hold about 200 sheets of paper. Since my daughter is going to Kindergarten, the focus is still more on the arts and crafts which means a lot of artwork is brought home during the year. Our fridge is only so big, so having an easy bin to put papers and artwork in is a great idea. Then, the favourites can be transferred to a memory keepsake binder near the end of the school year.


As I mentioned, our oldest is heading to Kindergarten this year, but our youngest is home with me for at least another year so I can’t leave her out of the stationary fun. I stocked up on some Crayola sets and special mess-free colouring books so she feels included  in the celebrations.

So tell me, how do you feel about back-to-school? Stressful, exciting, just another day… Please leave a reply in the comments.

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Sheri Landry

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