Knit Your Own Tacky Wine Bottle Cozy by Yellow Tail

There are some requests I just can’t pass up when they cross my email, and this is one of them. Yellow Tail Wines has a fun wine cozy that you can knit to cover your holiday wine bottles, and it is so freaking fun.

Just look at the final product.

If you are a crafty knitter (unlike me), I have the full set of instructions below. If you click on the picture, it will take you to the document in Google Docs and you can download, print or read it from there.Seriously, isn’t this adorable? Tacky sweaters for wine bottles!

I’m sure the notion of tacky sweaters for wine bottles will grow on me even more after I’ve had some of the wine from inside. Either that, or I may think the idea I just had to cut off the bottom of the cozy and squeeze my cat into it will actually be a good idea.

That last sentence is worrying me. I would do that.

I better write myself a note reminding myself in that event that my cat only looks kind and she does really stand up for herself when faced with aggression — or tacky sweaters!

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